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Hacks For WordPress Digital Marketing

Hacks For WordPress Digital Marketing

Hacks For WordPress Digital Marketing


Are you tired of not receiving the anticipated results from your WordPress website?.

We have got you!!

Digital marketing is used for better implementation of improved organic rankings, to generate leads, and to increase engagement to your WordPress website. To achieve the required result this is where WordPress comes into play, accustomed to suitable tools and CMS platforms.

WordPress is open-source software with pre-generated servers to assist you and make your website development hassle-free, it is a dynamic CMS platform for eCommerce business and blogging.

Reasons to go for WordPress

  • Ease of access, setup, and user-friendly
  • Free of cost
  • Equipped with a variety of plugins and extensions features 
  • Dynamic analytics and reporting
  • Effective responsive, customizable themes

Now, What is Digital Marketing?

“At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands. Consumers heavily rely on digital means to research products. For example, Think with Google marketing insights found that 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, while 33% look to brand websites and 26% search within mobile applications.”

“Digital is at the core of everything in marketing today—it has gone from ‘one of the things marketing does’ to ‘THE thing that marketing does.’”

                             – Sanjay Dholakia, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo

 Digital Marketing is enclosed with various marketing channels and tools to speak and have interaction together with your potential audience. It is a method to leverage your business/service through search engines, social media, emails, content, mobile applications, and websites.

Now let’s jump into the hacks for WordPress website development

  • Using a Responsive Theme: Making your website attractive with the right theme is a crucial step for any type of website development process, keeping in mind the selected customer base and the type of services you are providing. It should be user-friendly and apt in every application be it mobile or a desktop.
  • Making it SEO optimized: In today’s era where everything is growing online, SEO is an important step for growing engagement organically and creating traffic onto your website, creating content and optimizing content are two different things when it comes to websites and increasing users.
  • Setting up efficient graphics: Using graphical content to catch the attention of the audience and viewers and also to display your creativity. It elaborates the creative potential and acceptance of professional perspectives conclusively.
  • Adding a demo example of your work: Adding a working example, gives an idea to the potential clients of your work and also the freelancers of how exactly you want the work or project to be done. Making the demo elaborative with each specification and detailing to impress the clients, keeping in mind the future base.
  • Enabling an SSL certificate: An SSL certificate ensures the clients for encrypted conversations and payments and zero chances of data leaks. Winning the client’s trust is the utmost responsibility for and custom web development company.
  • Designing attractive visual content: The eye-pleasing aesthetics in any website is an important aspect when it comes to attracting a crowd and creating traffic. In today’s world where everything is dependant on trends and aesthetics, it is also for the service sectors.
  • Add CTAs (call-to-action): Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the buttons you utilize on your website and on your landing pages to lead the users towards your goal conversion. It’s a part of the landing page that the user must click to require the action you would like them to require.
  • Re-checking your websites for broken links: It initially means to re-check the website thoroughly for any 404 error page or page redirection problems.
  • Amalgamate google analytics into your site: Google Analytics enables users to trace up to 200 different metrics to analyze how their websites are performing. While some metrics are also more valuable to certain businesses than others, these are a number of the foremost popular metrics: Users. A user could be a unique or new visitor to the website
  •  Social media and email marketing: The most important aspect in the field of digital marketing is different online channels. Since everybody is active on different social media platforms and emails, we can grasp much of the audience from these way of digital marketing



Current Top Platforms for JavaScript Frameworks For Users

Current Top Platforms for JavaScript Frameworks For Users

 Current Top Platforms for JavaScript Frameworks For Users

It all started within the year 1995 when Brendan Eich during his years at Netscape Communications created JavaScript. JavaScript, commonly mentioned as JS is also a high-level, object-oriented programming language which was created to make websites alive. Programs in JS are called scripts and will be written in web page’s HTML and run when the page loads. JavaScript conforms to a specification called ECMAScript and till present JavaScript remains as best-known implementation of ECMAScript.

History Of JavaScript Frameworks 

Browser compatibility was a standard issue during the initial days for JavaScript. A code which runs well in one browser may fail to run in another browser. JQuery was the primary library of JavaScript, and it helped in HTML document manipulation, animation, event handling and so on. Jquery helped developers solve the disruption of browser compatibility up to a good extent. JQuery played an important role in making the web site interactive during those days.

Several JavaScript frameworks were created to unravel the matter of consistent data handling. In 2014, a central repository called NPM registry was created, and it consists of the various public and paid-for-packages. Backbone, Ember was a type of the frameworks that were initially built to resolve some persisting issues. A framework is one during which there will be some rules and regulations, and by following these rules and regulations, you’ll build your application. Rather than building the appliance from scratch you’ll make use of some common components from certain templates. BackboneJS was one such framework which was created to make single-page applications. BackboneJS doesn’t need to be compelled to form use of JQuery to make applications; it’s an independent framework. But the entire front-end application development landscape changed with the introduction of AngularJS, one of the foremost successful JavaScript frameworks. Two-way data binding was one feature of AngularJS that contributed to the success of the framework. In two-way data binding, any changes within the applying state will reflect automatically to the view and vice-versa. Dependency injection and thus the power to form reusable components was another feature that was offered by AngularJS. There are many other frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, and so on. Facebook released the React framework in 2013 and since then React has enjoyed great popularity. Nowadays Javascript can run on both browsers and server-side using Node.js.

So let’s dive deep into the world of varied JavaScript frameworks and see how all will benefit you within the approaching years.


Express.js, a prebuilt Node.js framework could be a lightweight and minimalist framework used for creating server-side web applications which are faster and smarter. Express.js gave programmers the liberty to code on the server-side using a similar language. Express.js is the most successful Node.js framework released thus far .

Event loop on Node.js helps in performing the I/O operations asynchronously without blocking the other services. Apart from lightning speed executions, the most important success of Node.js comes from the very fact that it can handle an outsized number of requests at an equivalent time with no failure. Even though Node.js is a particularly good language by making use of Express.js, you’ll reduce the coding time considerably. Documentation of Express.js is well written, and in conjunction with Node.js, it’ll be the foremost in-demand JavaScript framework for back-end development within the years to return .


At present, React.js is the hottest front technology within the world. Developed by Facebook, React.js isn’t a JavaScript framework but an open-source JavaScript library which may be used for front-end development. Many big companies like Facebook, Netflix, DropBox, PayPal, Tesla Motors and plenty of others use React.js. Following are the explanations that make React.js the foremost preferred one for front-end development.

  1. Easy to learn- Unlike Angular, React isn’t that complex. With many online tutorials available, it’s very easy to find out about React. Basic JavaScript skill is the only thing you would like to possess before beginning to learn React.js.
  2. Faster Development – many tools are often integrated with React.js, which can help in getting things wiped out in a brief period. The time taken for coding in React.js would be comparatively but others. DOM is a tree-structured model, and a little change to an upper layer causes tons of issues to the interface. Virtual DOM introduced by Facebook helps in solving this particular issue, and it’s one among the explanations that creates React.js the simplest pick.
  3. JSX- An extension for React that permits developers to write down HTML like code directly into JavaScript. Most people are accustomed to HTML; hence this extension makes things simpler for developers.
  4. Community support for React offers solutions for nearly all the problems you face while developing in React.js. It is one more reason that makes React the foremost preferred one.

All these factors make React.js one among the best-preferred libraries to figure with, in 2020.

Visit web development portfolio page to understand more about the works done by Webandcrafts using the JavaScript framework. 


Vue.js is a general open-source model Javascript framework for building UI and single-page applications. Vue is flexible when it comes to sense that the ecosystem is adaptable, which scales between a library and a full-featured framework. Vue has so much popularity. According to a survey by Stack overflow, Vue.js and React.js are the foremost loved JavaScript framework within the year 2019, beating Angular quite comfortably. Vue, unlike React, has virtual DOM and provides much better performance as compared to React. Virtual DOM affirms better performance of applications. The framework size of Vue.js is just around 80 KB which is 20 lesser than React.js. The indisputable fact that Vue is smaller in size makes it the foremost suitable for developing lightweight applications. A Vue Services Side Render also supports server-side development. 


Redux is actually a JavaScript library and is best in managing the state of an Application. Briefly, Redux can be defined as a state management tool. React, Angular and other frameworks are constructed so as to internally manage their state without making use of any external library or tool. But because the application becomes larger, it becomes quite challenging to manage states shared with components. Ease of testing, maintainability, and easy debugging are some of the additional benefits that make Redux an exceptional JavaScript library. Redux is already accustomed to React, which is already popular. Hence Redux will surely be a thing to look out for in 2020. 

In conclusion The dynamic directions and variations of JavaScript ensures that each day new JavaScript framework and libraries are released. Users have a variety of options to pick from all the JavaScript frameworks. Each of those JavaScript frameworks and libraries mentioned here has its benefits and disadvantages. Also other frameworks or libraries like Svelte, GraphQL, Meteor too, which are equally good but not famous just like the one mentioned here. It’s always better to try and do your research before setting out to use any of the JavaScript frameworks for developing applications.

Important aspects to keep in mind for setting up your business domains

Important aspects to keep in mind for setting up your business domains

Businesses need to thrive in today’s competitive world. Now the times have changed, every business needs a forum to boost its presence on the web and it’s a game-changer. If your website will be professionally developed, then you’ll be able to grow your business successfully and will get the competitive edge up your target market. In today’s digital era, every individual prefers the web for his or her regular usage and interest and business owners use it to market their business and to induce connection with their target customers.

Connect To Interact with Your Customer Base: Interaction with the right audience is always important to consider for your business growth. Using perfect content and on-time response can help you to get business in the right way and can generate ROI.

Prove Your Business’s Reliability: A reliable website can show the credibility of your business towards your customers and this will lead to new customers and better traffic. Your website can help you to earn the trust of your customers and relationships for a long time.

Don’t you have a website for your business? Then it’s the right time to start it with an expert web development company to form the right brand impact.

Here are some major pros:

Amplify the accessibility: To provide your audience ease of access and usage reducing basic barriers to comprehension, people are empowered, can be independent, and will not be frustrated by something that is poorly designed or implemented. The industry-standard guidelines for website accessibility are organized around four principles: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (or POUR).

Initiate reliability and credibility: If something is reliable, you’ll trust it. It is the inherent quality of the evidence. a reflection of a credible mission, value statement, culture, customer service, Accuracy. Verify the data you already know against the knowledge found within the source. Authority, Currency, Coverage are some of the key pointers when we talk about credibility and reliability.

Establish User-friendly and SEO-content: SEO-friendly content is that sort of content that’s created in an exceedingly way helping the search engines rank it high. Optimizing for both search engines and users is one of the foremost important things you can do for your content.

Prioritize the identity of your brand: We’ve been known to tread on a soapbox or two, but it’s only because we care and wish to shine the most effective possible spotlight on the incredible expertise of those we partner with. One topic that we can’t resist is the importance of making a solid brand identity, before focusing marketing efforts elsewhere.

Generate Traffic: The most straightforward way of sorting out what reasonable content to make is to ask your audience. Do your research to come to a decision which content you ought to create, get ideas for content styles, understand what the audience wants, and describe the content marketing tactics that you’re going to use.

To drive a successful business, a website is mandatory no matter if you’re running a little or large business. It becomes important at every level, especially in this digital world. So it’s high time to become a vicinity of digital business and to remain ahead of your competitors.

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